Musculoskeletal Imaging

BrochureFrom the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, our goal is to provide superior patient care through diagnosis and consultation on imaging and treatment options. To achieve this goal, we have organized our musculoskeletal imaging specialists' team to maximize the benefit of this specialty service for our patients and referring physicians. All of our musculoskeletal radiologists are board-certified, fellowship-trained and have received extensive training in the complex subspecialty of musculoskeletal radiology.

Musculoskeletal Imaging is a subspecialty of radiology focused on bone, joint, muscle, and connective tissue abnormalities, including orthopedic, rheumatologic and traumatic conditions. By utilizing powerful imaging modalities, including CT, MRI, ultrasound, and conventional x-ray, musculoskeletal radiologists are able to assist referring physicians in the diagnosis of conditions and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

For a complete list of our Musculoskeletal Imaging services, please download our brochure.