Our Radiologists

Radiology Alliance has recruited and built a team of diagnostic and subspecialty radiologists that is unmatched in the region. All of our radiologists are board-certified and many have received extensive training in the complex subspecialties of interventional radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, oncology imaging or women's imaging. 

Our Dedicated Team of Experienced Radiologists

Stanley M. Anderson, MD, FACR W. Russell Bacon, MD
Jack R. Baker, MD William A. Barret, MD, MS
John G. Bartek, MD Brian L. Berger, MD
Kurt V. Berger, MD Kartik Boorgu, MD
P Livingston Brien, MD Kevin L. Burner, MD
Stuart H. Caplan, MD Matthew A. Day, MD
Webb J. Earthman, MD, FACR Miles O. Foltermann, MD
Mark P. Freeman, MD, FACR Hemalatha Gokhale, MD
E. Len Goodin, MD Scott D. Gray, MD
Benjamin D. Griffin, MD James P. Harty, MD
Kenneth E. Hawkins, MD Josh M. Heck, MD
Joel T. Heitman, MD James T. Holbrook, MD
Alan W. Horn, MD Benjamin Jordan, MD, MS
Alan J. Kaufman, MD, MS Julie Cox Kennon, MD
John D. King, MD Erin Wyatt Kinney, MD
W. Jeffery Klein, MD Gregory L. Lassiter, MD
Scott H. Long, MD Michelle Campbell Luschen, MD
James M. Massey, MD, PhD James D. Massie, MD
Colin B. Meyerowitz, MD Scott A. Montesi, MD
Patrick H. Moulton, MD J Philip Moyers, MD
Patrick J. Murphy, MD Christopher C. Ng, MD
Michael B. Nichols, MD Beata Panzegrau, MD
Keith R. Parker, MD G. Travis Patterson, MD
Ketsia B. Pierre, MD Edward M. Priest, II, MD
L Hartwell Rogers, MD David M. Rowe, MD, JD
Peter L. Shanahan, MD Jason L. Shipman, MD, MS
Gregory D. Smith, MD James M. Stafford, MD
Robert J. Stallworth, MD Patricia Tepper, MD
Steven D. Tishler, MD Ronald D. Waters, MD
Gregory R. Weaver, MD, FACR Walter E. Wojcicki, MD, PhD
Gina M. Wyatt, MD R. Steven Young, MD